Message from the Director of FPSP Malaysia

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As a Malaysian educator and entrepreneur, I am pleased to introduce toLalithaN you The Future Problem Solving Program (FPSP) that deals with creative and critical thinking skills.

Fundamentally, it suggests and promotes steps that will enhance the way, we, in schools, institutions of higher learning, the business world or otherwise think and deal with challenges and solutions on the whole.

Having been a teacher, lecturer and trainer for the past many years in Malaysian schools, institutions of higher learning and the corporate sector, I realize that there is an urgent and dire need to put thinking skills in place at schools, colleges and workplaces to create a dynamic population that is competitive both locally and globally.

Given the borderless and interdependent world, we live in; The Skills Mill believes that our young people need to be challenged to anticipate the changes facing us here and elsewhere. Lack of this ability to anticipate and make relevant pertinent plans of action may result in our lagging behind the more advanced societies.

This program is open to participants in schools and colleges. It is peculiar in that, it helps through the effective six steps of problem solving in a conducive yet challenging team environment with a better understanding of challenges in the present and future scenarios, resulting in a better plan of action to manage these challenges.

Our strategies are also very relevant to workplace dynamics since aural and written communication skills are further honed during brainstorming challenges and deciding on a plan of action.

Support from heads of schools and leaders in industry is very crucial in the development of human potential. We therefore seek support for our training programs to ensure there will be better prepared and more effective individuals for the world at large tomorrow.

Thank you.


Educational Director

BA Hons in English

Dip. Ed

M. Ed