The Skills Mill is an educational centre that focuses on providing extension programs in literacy, numeracy and thinking skills. The centre has its own office in Subang Jaya and offers tuition, and after school activities to primary and secondary students of all ages.

Suzanne Strangward (then the National Director of Future Problem Solving Program Australia) in 1998 visited Malaysia as a guest of NAGCM (National Association for Gifted Children Malaysia) to train Malaysians to become coaches and evaluators of the program. Since then teams from the Skills Mill, Malaysia have competed in the Future Problem Solving Program in Australia, developing expertise in all forms of the Program, including team booklet solving, scenario writing and community problem solving.

In 2001, the progress of the Malaysia program was such that, with the support of FPSP Australia, a middle booklet team from The Skills Mill was invited to compete at the International Future Problem Solving Conference, the first Southeast Asian team to do so. In 2002, a community problem solving team was also invited, but was unable to attend due to the global security situation existing at the time. However, a Middle Division booklet team did attend the Australian Final in October 2003, followed by a junior team in 2004. Since 2001, at least one Malaysian team has always successfully attended the Australian Finals. Since 2006 teams have been invited to attend the International Conference in USA.

When Niranjan Casinader became National Director of FPSP Australia, the long term plans to develop Future Problem Solving in Malaysia have taken on a renewed focus. In that year, the International body officially accepted the proposal that the Skills Mill be granted the official authority to develop Future Problem Solving in Malaysia as a region under the mentorship of FPSP Australia. Major training visits by Niranjan in 2002 and 2003, 2004 and 2006 saw a number of new coaches and students being trained as the first stage in a 5-year plan that is intended to see Malaysia emerge as a full affiliate of the FPSP International on its own right in 2010/2011.

From 2006, The Skills Mill and FPSP Australia have been continuing to focus their efforts to attract new schools and groups to the program, particularly with local Malaysian corporate support to give FPS Malaysia the resources to develop FPS around the country in the long term. The 2006 training visit was aimed at developing expertise in evaluation, student/coach training as well as developing awareness of the program in the wider educational community. Training sessions are still being conducted by FPSP Malaysia (The Skills Mill) regularly. Presently, Malaysia is a full affiliate of FPSP International.