Teachers who use this approach may want this program as an elective in school to develop general lateral and creative thinking skills that can be applied to individual subjects.Check

FPS may be treated as an extension of the English language subject for students, when small groups of individuals are grouped to develop vocabulary, learning areas and reading of topical and future issues relevant to their adult years. This program broadens their perspective and provides ideas for the writing of factual as well as argumentative essays (SPM, STPM, A-LEVEL, IELTS, etc) This can be done by blocking hours for the subject so as to accommodate differences in proficiency levels. This is more relevant now especially because of the emphasis on the learning of English.

Project work and teamwork processes are used within a subject discipline. In Malaysia this can be applied when students are required to do project work (PMR) for geography e.g. discuss urbanization and its challenges (e.g. floods). Students, if they have the FPS process, will be able to come out with creative and workable recommendations to overcome the related challenges.

As a teaching strategy, FPS will present the class with a range of selected information, particular scenarios / situations, for the class to analyze the data logically, critically and creatively and move towards a conclusion which can help see the data in a new light and come up with unexpected yet very acceptable views. The use of FPS techniques into mainstream classroom could be argued to make lessons more meaningful/relevant and so develop productive and proactive students e.g. for the moral subject.

FPS has the potential to help any individual to develop confidence in his/her learning abilities and to extend his/her capabilities to deal with challenges that he/she may meet in the course of his/her future life.

The various components of the program namely the booklet, community project and scenario writing allow for great exposure to the essentials of learning in a modern and holistic educational environment.

The greatest asset of FPS is that its nature offers students the chance to develop their thinking and social skills through teamwork.