Testimonial from students


          I was enrolled in The Future Problem Solving Program when I was 8 years old. Back then, FPS was just another form of tuition to me. I could even say I hardly understood the aim of this activity. Even so, I was patient enough to continue. When I was 12 years old, I began to realize how much FPS has improved my skills in terms of identifying problems. The program, which also requires one to think outside the box, has also made me a much more creative person. In short, FPS has the ability to improve skills you do not usually get in normal tuition centers or schools.

- Jeremiah Cheah (Team Member of Project CASTE 2010)



          FPS is not just about solving future problems that man may encounter. It is critical analysis, problem solving, thinking out of the box, writing skills, presentation skills, prioritization skills, teamwork and community service all bundled into one. These are skills that are essential to us in our daily lives. I have personally found that I have become more aware of both local and international issues, improved academically as well as socially and become more involved in service to my community. In my opinion, FPS is to me as internet is to man; very useful indeed.

- Alex Long (Alice Smith School, Alternate Team Member 2007)



          FPS showed me how to view, analyze, prioritize, think through things and make decisions in a different light. This has helped me in the long term. It has exposed me to various cultures, especially during the Asia – Pacific Finals in Australia and the International Finals in USA, in a way nothing else could have done for me.

- Suryan Nair (CmPS Team Member at International Finals Michigan 2008)



          My initial involvement in the program, at the age of 13, was immediately exciting and different than any other education based activity I had been involved in. Coupled with the experience of attending the international conference in the United States, it definitely presented opportunities to me that may not have otherwise materialized; including gaining a certain aptitude for analysis, written and spoken presentation, and interpersonal communication within a team environment. As an indirect result of my involvement in the program, I discovered a new appreciation for variations in points of view, a different method of approaching and understanding unfamiliar subject matter, as well as a heightened sense of my own ability to contribute to a team, and society at large.

- Gayathri Nair (Team member of the First Malaysian /Asian FPS team at IC 2000, BSc in Env Sc, Murdoch University, Australia.)



          The Future Problem Solving Program has developed in me many valuable traits. Ever since joining the Future Problem Solving Program I have a new approach to problem solving in any different situations. The Future Problem Solving Program has also developed my confidence in public. Before the program I was very scared about public speaking and presentations. Last semester in college I was the best presenter in my course (ICPU) for English (ENG4U). I have also learned how to adapt quickly into a new environment. The best part about it is that I had fun while developing these traits within me. The Future Problem Solving Program is a great and fun way to build strong character traits and gain confidence in many aspects of life.

- Thomas Thaddaeus Jacob (CmPS Team Member at International Finals Michigan 2008)



          FPS has given me the opportunity to express myself in a different way than I usually do. It does not only encourage analytical thinking but rather the importance of creative thinking in finding solutions to daily problems. Well, it feels really exciting to be able to think out of the box and come up with really crazy ideas using limitless creativity.

- Andrew Lai (Middle Booklet Team Member 2007)



          I started out in 2003. At that time, I was not even sure what I was joining exactly. But now, I am thankful that my mum enrolled me in this amazing program. Firstly, through this program, I gained useful knowledge and valuable experience. I had to research on many topics and even got to enter competitions. I got to meet different kinds of people- my awesome teammates, competitors, company representatives and many other people. Indirectly, it taught me how to face various types of people and situations. Through this program, my confidence level rose a few levels higher. I am no longer shy to fight for my point and I am able to present myself better than before. Although I still fear challenges, I would face them when they come. Teamwork was another key element I learned in FPS. As I mostly joined categories which included group work, I learned that whatever we did as a team mattered. There were good times, bad times, but most importantly, there was us. Thanks to FPS, I have changed. I have changed in a good way.

- Nur Liyana Muhamad (Team Member 2004 – 2008)



          Truthfully, joining FPS has brought unbelievable changes in my life. Not only did I gain more confidence but I also found out that one has to be able to speak up for the changes to even occur. For the past few years of doing FPS in the Team Booklet and the Community Problem Solving Category, I have made new, amazing friends and had also became more aware of the reality of life. I learned to brainstorm ideas according to the scenarios given and had practically experience complicated teamwork when I set eyes upon new faces when I first started FPS. Overall, I really think that FPS is a great program and I wish that one day everyone could experience it.

- Nur Amalina Muhamad (Team Member 2005, 2006, 2007)



          Dear Teacher Lalitha, the FPS Program has a lot of positive impact on me. Ever since I started late in 2007, I have learned to think outside the box. It has given me the ability to always find a way to solve problems regardless of how bad it is. The program also enables me to brainstorm and come up with wondrous solutions. Besides that, it has given me a chance to express my vivid imagination and creativity. Therefore, this program has done wonders for me. Thank you.

- Shaneal (Middle Booklet / CmPS Team Member 2008 – present)



“I learn to know more about issues in the future. I learn to identify challenges and finding a solution for them. I also get to work in groups with people of my age. This helps me to develop team sprit. FPS does this for me.”

- Vishaal Nair (Junior Scenario Performance Participant 2009 – present)