Testimonials from parents

          Our litmus test for deciding to carry on with an activity for our children is to ask them whether or not they enjoy it. When my daughter, Andrea, was attending Future Problem Solving sessions she thoroughly enjoyed herself. She liked the interaction between teacher and student and amongst the students themselves. Her teacher, Lalitha Nair, encouraged the class to think outside the box, to follow clues and uncover a coherent train of thought for themselves. It is a program I would recommend to any parent wanting their children to have fun yet learn how to think critically and express themselves well.


- Eileen Lian


            The FPS has helped Sanjay to brainstorm interesting solutions to solve a problem. The children address this problem through an interpretative analysis of a whole-group conversation about alternative ways of solving a problem. Students who are solving problems in group have to negotiate with each other by exchanging proposals and arguments in order to resolve the conflicts and generate a shared solution. In this context, argument construction assistance is necessary to facilitate reaching a consensus. In this way FPS on whole has facilitated and motivated my son to think of a bigger picture to solve problems.


- Chitra


          In the year 2009, I had enrolled my twelve-year-old daughter and ten year old son in the Future Problem Solving (FPS) program run by your organization. My children have changed for the better ever since participating in the program concerned.My eldest child Ines was part of a group of children participating in your program, which required for them to work in groups. I found the subject materials interesting in the way that they dealt with identifying problems faced by the community and resolving them. All though the end result is important, the processes involved in getting to the end meant the children had to be creative as resources made available to them were limited. They were guided without being spoon fed, towards solutions, which brought out their ability to work as a team and yet be independent individuals.

         As Malaysia seeks to foster unity and community spirit, these kids whether they realized it or not, learnt to face the diverse personalities within their working group and used it to their advantage in dealing with the community, both public and government sectors in reaching out for awareness and help. With different ethnic origins, religions and background of the children involved in the program, I witnessed a true demonstration of a 1Malaysia spirit at work.

          My younger child participated in creative storytelling and chose to speak on the subject of pandemic set in 2029. I still take great pride in watching a video of his story on You Tube under ‘Movie Aidan’ posted 5 months back. A naturally active child, I found surprising his ability to hold others to attention let alone be able to speak out without prompting. The elaborations normally excluded in an essay done by children his age were captivating, resulting in a compelling story.

          Most importantly, the children have become grounded, prepared for the future and are able to benchmark themselves against gifted children worldwide. They have forged great friendships and dealt with issues beyond their familiar parameters. The program is truly an ideal model for social and cultural sustainability.


- Amna




          Prasanna has gained immensely by learning to solve problems in a creative, fun and enriching way. The FPS activities test her creative thinking skills in ways that we never imagined. She loves the noise, laughter, jokes and wacky ideas that are all part of coming up with mind boggling solutions! It’s made her a lot more self confident knowing she makes a difference in contributing to the team’s success. It’s encouraging that in the future she can meet challenges however frustrating and all because she knows valuable problem-solving strategies!


- Saras Nara


          The FPS program has helped Shaneal in many ways, most importantly in building his confidence. This program allows students to push themselves to think outside the box which is very challenging and what I got to know from my son and also from my own experience in the “parents FPS class,” is very interesting. Since this program requires group work, it has helped Shaneal to understand working as and in a team He has learnt to contribute, understand and respect others’ views and opinions, and be helpful. He has also learnt to be a responsible person.As parents, we are really grateful to you for bringing in this program. Hope to see same progress in Varhoon. THANK YOU LALITHA


- Seyal


          Both my children, Carol and Jeremiah, have been with the FPS program since their early primary school years and it has benefited them individually in different aspects. With Carol, the booklet program and later on the community problem solving which required her to work in a group certainly taught her quite a few things. Coming up with many great ideas and expressing herself vocally was easy but putting them in writing systematically was then an uphill task for Carol. I’m glad that over the years in FPS, there has been a remarkable improvement for her in that area. Besides that, one notable “lesson” which I believe that Carol and her fellow friends gained whilst working in a group was learning to respect and listen to each other’s views, no matter how ridiculous the may sound.As for Jeremiah, the recent community problem solving program he has been involved in has provided the avenue for him to further develop his thinking and problem solving skills. The other significant value which I feel he has learnt is to be responsible in fulfilling the tasks that have been assigned to him, otherwise he’s answerable to his team members as well as his coach!! It warms my heart to see Jeremiah and his multiracial friends working well together “through thick and thin” to run their project – they are indeed the true 1Malaysia team!

          My most sincere heartfelt gratitude to you Lalitha, for providing this opportunity for Carol and Jeremiah to gain so much from their experiences working on their booklet and CmPS programs – something which they will never get from school. They do not only benefit in the critical/creative thinking aspects but more importantly, also the social skills in terms of interaction with fellow team members & coaches. Thank you so much.


- Sin Choo


          When we enrolled our three daughters (now only two) in The Future Problem Solving Program, the initial idea was to use the program as a way of improving their English and communication skills as well as to overcome their shyness in front of people. The program has done a whole lot more for my girls, albeit their shyness is still there, but their confidence level has increased tremendously along with their creative thinking, researching and social skills. My daughters are no longer afraid to voice their opinions. I also have this very nice, warm feeling when I see the camaraderie between team members as well as amongst us, parents. Finally, in this age of rapid knowledge expansion, it is essential that our children become life-long learners and in my opinion this program will serve as a solid foundation for them.


- Dr. Rosnah